Sales deck for a new product

What are you looking to create?

sales deck for a new product

What are the main points you want to cover?

😎 Put It All Together (Commands + Variables + Structures)

Product name: [name of product]
Value proposition: [e.g. save time, save money, make money, etc.]
Problem that the product solves: [e.g. inefficient processes, lack of access to resources, etc.]
How it works: [e.g. step by step process, user interface screenshots, etc.]
Why now is a good time to launch: [e.g. market conditions are favorable, there's a gap in offerings in this space, etc.]
Team members' names and roles: [e.g. CEO - Jane Doe; CTO - John Doe; etc.]

Introduce the product and its value proposition
Explain the problem that the product solves
Describe how the product works
Explain why this is a good time to launch the product
Share information about the team behind the product
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