What should I put for tone of voice?

Sick of erasing all your exclamation marks or worried that you sound too curt? The tone tool can change the wording and attitude of your output! By choosing a specific tone, you’re giving the AI the opportunity to sound more like you, or at least sound like the person you want to be!

Yaara AI follows patterns

Remember that Yaara AI loves following patterns. So if you're writing funny content using short, choppy sentences and hit Generate, Yaara AI will be likely to match the style and tone of your content and continue writing funny content in short, choppy sentences.

Helpful Tips ✨

  1. Try only using one word.
    • i.e., Don't say "funny and sarcastic". Just say "funny" or say "sarcastic".
    • Also, try to write your input in the tone of voice you want Yaara AI to output in.
  2. Try this list of adjectives we've used to change the tone of voice:
    • 😀 Friendly
    • 😂 Funny
    • 😎 Casual
    • 😀 Excited
    • 👨Professional
    • 😜 Witty
    • 🙃 Sarcastic
    • 👩Feminine
    • 👨Masculine
    • 💪 Bold
    • 💥 Dramatic
    • 😡 Grumpy
    • 🤫 Secretive
    • 💁 Persuasive
  3. You can also input people or characters' names into the tone of voice, and Yaara AI will try to match it.
    • Optimus Prime
    • Gary Vaynerchuck
    • Tony Robbins
    • Oprah
    • Tony Stark
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