How to use Abracadabra

Abracadabra is the perfect tool to use when you want full control of your content, with very few inputs! Whether you're writing an email, a blog post, or a social media post, Abracadabra gives you the power to make it perfect. It’s super easy to use. Just type in what you want to write, the main points to cover in the content, and the tone of voice for your content. Then, let the tool do its magic and enjoy the well-written output it produces!

Quick Start

To find the right template for your needs, simply search for what you want to write in the help center in the bottom right. We'll provide you with a list of templates that are most relevant to your query.

It’s just a matter of two things

What are you looking to create?

Here goes whatever you want to create in brief words. If you’re looking for a sales landing page, you can just input ‘a sales landing page’. If you want to promote an event through social media, you may like to input ‘an event promotion social media post’.

Input Commands to try

What are the main points you want to cover?

Mention the necessary points you want in the generated piece of writing. Make sure to give only the relevant details, and they don’t need to be in full or formalized sentences. Let’s continue our sales landing page from the previous section. For that you may give the input in this section like:

Product: [product/brand/service name and one-liner]
Target audience: [target audience]
-[feature 1]
-[feature 2]
-[benefit 1]
-[benefit 2]

Bonus: You can even give some instructions here. Example, ‘write as 1st person’, ‘add emojis’ etc.

Outline a Structure or Flow


Things to Experiment With

One of the best ways to practice writing content is by making your own tools with Yaara AI. It's like doing an exercise in programming, where you can try out different commands and structures.

When you create a tools, there are several things you can experiment with:

  • Play with tones (think personas)
  • More details about your target audience (This is for people who…have pain.. want result)
  • Different perspectives (I, we, you, he / she, they)
  • Different Commands, Variables and Structures
  • Make your own tools

Quick example

What are you looking to create?

an email newsletter

What are the main points you want to cover?

💡 Replace [variable] with your input.

Basic (Getting Started)

Topic: [topic]
Key points:
- [key point 1]
- [key point 2]
- [key point 3]
- [key point 4]


You can provide additional context to be more advanced and get even better results.

Email Topic: [topic]
Who this is from: ____
Who is this for:____
Purpose: persuade the reader to ____ because [benefit]
Written in the __ person point of view.
CTA: ____
Key points:
- [key point 1]
- [key point 2]
- [key point 3]
- [key point 4]

Magic Spells (Abracadabra Templates) 🧙

Pre-made spells

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