Input Commands to try

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Input Commands

In order to teach the AI how to write the way you want it to, you need to be its guide. If you are not clear, direct, and specific in your instructions, the AI will not know what to do.

Below you will find many inputs you can experiment with in Yaara AI abracadabra tool.

Write About Tips & Knowledge

  • Share tips and knowledge
  • Share a secret
  • Write 3 tips
  • Write an educational post
  • An educational blog post about
  • A blog post connecting X and Y
  • Write a [social media] post
  • Share 3 tips to educate and inspire the reader
  • Share a helpful tip to educate and inspire the reader
  • Common mistakes people make with
  • .An explanation of...
  • Personal story about.
  • List of affirmations about for
  • A social post to talk about topic
  • Questions to ask...people in a context
  • Share X related to Y
  • Explain how
  • Define [topic]
  • Explain [topic]
  • Write how-to guide on [topic]
  • List the advantages of [topic]
  • List the disadvantages of [topic]
  • Examples of
  • Use an example about
  • Explain the benefits of
  • Formula for..
  • Template for..
  • Story about…

Write About a Targeted Topic for a Specific Platform

  • Write a discount [social media] post
  • Write a customer showcase post
  • Write an event recap [social media] post
  • Write a [social media platform] post about a new video
  • A customer showcase video
  • Write an email to ask for a review
  • A list of tweets about..
  • A LinkedIn post that teaches how to

Write a Case Study

  • case study overview
  • case study problem statement
  • case study result statement
  • case study solution statement

Sell Something

  • Pitch my service
  • A sales letter about...
  • A sales email about..
  • An online course about..
  • Reasons to buy...
  • The benefits of buying
  • The main benefit of…
  • Promotional copy
  • Sales page copy
  • An upcoming workshop on
  • Sell my

Send an Email

  • An email about..
  • Public message -
  • Outreach email template - < type>
  • Private message
  • Sales email
  • An educational email about
  • An event promotion email
  • Cold outreach email to a potential affiliate partner
  • Welcome email for people who for

Repurpose Content

  • Say this in a different way (for…)
  • Summarize this in one sentence
  • Turn this into 3 bullets
  • Rewrite this for ___ (course creators, real estate agents..)
  • Rewrite this to sell my coaching services
  • Rewrite and expand on this
  • Rewrite this to explain it to a 5th grader.
  • Expand on this and turn it into an educational blog section
  • Rewrite this to sell my services
  • Turn this into an educational social media post that sells my services
  • Turn this into an educational social media post that provides value and insights
  • Reframe this from a new angle

Generate a List of Ideas

  • List of topics
  • List of questions
  • List of abstract interview questions
  • List of questions and answers about [topic]
  • List of benefits
  • List of pain points
  • List of...(mistakes, ways, tips, benefits…)
  • List of headlines
  • List of blog titles
  • List of product names
  • List 3 examples of..
  • Make a list of [topic]
  • Write a list of sections heading about [topic]

Write a Bold Opener or Hook

  • Make a claim
  • Ask a question
  • Write a hook
  • Write a lead
  • Write a clear thesis
  • Write a strong opinion
  • Make the reader lean in
  • Write a counter intuitive …
  • Write a counter narrative…
  • Write a debatable assertion
  • Write a short and punchy lead
  • Write a catchy headline using juxtaposition
  • Write a perspective others can disagree with
  • Formulate a statement of opinion and assertion
  • Write a point of view that is both true and surprising
  • Write a point of view that is provocative or polarizing
  • Write a catchy headline using eye-catching numbers
  • Hook the reader with a compelling opening statement or paragraph
  • Elicit a statement or conclusion that can be further examined for truth or falsity
  • Write a non-universal truth that can be debated and allow for strong advocates
  • Write a point of view that is rooted in evidence, but is not a proven fact or universal truth
  • Make the reader an active participant by using a relatable hypothetical situation
  • Create a human connection by sharing a personal experience
  • Introduce third-party expertise and context by using a quote
  • Provide convincing data from external or internal sources
  • Write something everyone agrees with, but will never say
  • Producing a mental image in the reader’s mind
  • Use a metaphor to get the reader's interest
  • Overcome an anticipated objection
  • Cite the opinion of an expert
  • Cite a persuasive statistic
  • Write a non sequitur
  • Start with a benefit
  • Share an anecdote or quote
  • Start with a metaphor
  • Start with a common pain point
  • Start with 1 strong, declarative sentence
  • Start with a thought-provoking question.
  • Start with a controversial opinion.
  • Start with a moment in time.
  • Start with a vulnerable statement.
  • Start with a weird, unique insight.

Write a headline

  • Write a catchy headline
  • Write a clever headline
  • Write a clever [blog] headline
  • Write a newspaper headline
  • List of headlines

Add a CTA

  • Ask the reader to (Like, Comment, Share, Follow).
  • Ask the reader to (read the next post).
  • Ask the reader to take a relevant action.

Add Depth to Your Writing

  • Investigate the truth of a theory
  • Write a self-reflecting confession
  • Demonstrate relevance to the reader
  • Convince or persuade the reader
  • Teach something my audience doesn’t already know
  • Lead the reader to a logical or unforeseen conclusion
  • Give examples, real (like a case study) or hypothetical.
  • Provide convincing data from external or internal sources
  • Explain why the main point is true, unique or contrarian.
  • Elicit and develop an idea that is not yet developed or actualized

Write From A Different Perspective

  • Written in 1st person
  • Written in 2nd person
  • Written in the 3rd person

Who this is for

  • List of 5 potential customer personas

Problem Ideas

  • List of 10 problems and challenges that my ideal customer is struggling with
  • List of 10 outcomes that my customer is hoping for
  • List of 10 fears and doubts that my ideal customer is feeling
  • List of 10 key takeaways my customer should know

Sales Messaging ideas

  • List of 10 reasons people will buy this product
  • List of 5 reasons I created this product and why I'm confident it will help you
  • List 10 of headlines for the the sales page
  • List 10 of bold promises for the sales page
  • Written testimonial from a previous customer
  • List of 10 reasons why this product is timely and important
  • List of 3 reasons why you can trust me to help you solve this problem
  • List of 5 reasons you should take action now
  • List of everything you get in the product
  • Step by step breakdown of how the process works and how you will get the results that you desire

Marketing Ideas

  • List of 5 product ideas to help my ideal customer
  • List of 10 marketing ideas to attract my ideal customer
  • List of 10 catchy name ideas for this product
  • List of 10 catchy slogans to sell my product

Content Marketing Ideas

  • List of 5 blog post titles
  • List of 10 sub topics
  • List of 10 talking points
  • List of educational blog titles to attract my ideal customer
  • Educational post to attract my ideal customer
  • List of 10 interview questions for a potential customer
  • List of 10 interview questions for the creator of the product
  • List of 10 steps the customer should take to have success
  • List of 10 FAQs
  • List of 10 positive affirmations to encourage my ideal customer

Even More Commands to Try

  • Start with a thematic tie-in to [theme, e.g. holiday]
  • Share a success story
  • Build anticipation
  • Welcome the reader
  • Explain the value proposition
  • Share what to expect next
  • Make a personal connection
  • Focus on a relevant pain point
  • Expand on how you can help them
  • Provide a plan for next steps
  • Get the reader excited about a new product
  • Talk about the pain points
  • Tell a personal story
  • Talk about an opportunity
  • Create a list of pain points
  • Strike a strong emotional chord
  • Share a strong psychological benefit
  • Make the reader look cooler, smarter, more relevant
  • Make the action practical and timely
  • Flatter the reader
  • Connect to the audience around a topic X
  • Bring up a pain point about X
  • Ask if they would like to X
  • Make the reader feel good about sharing
  • Don't use too much jargon
  • Don't use the word "project management"
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