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Variables: The specifics for your audience and business

Specify an Audience

  • Who is this for:
  • Target audience:
  • Audience:
  • Customer info:
  • Customer:
  • Industry:
  • A social media post for:
  • To:
  • From:
  • Information about the recipient:

Clarify the Topic

  • Topic:
  • Purpose:
  • Promise:
  • Emotion:
  • Event topic:

Add Additional Details

  • Type of post:
  • Information:
  • Event highlights:
  • Customer background:
  • Thoughts:
  • What to expect next:
  • What they'll get out of it:
  • Key points:
  • Why you should attend:
  • Event details:
  • Benefits:
  • Problem:
  • Problem statement:
  • Solution:
  • Result:
  • Goal:
  • Features:

Describe Your Brand or Product

  • Industry:
  • Business:
  • Mission:
  • Brand:
  • Product::
  • Course:

Share a Takeaway

  • Discount:
  • How to claim:
  • Call-to-action:


an educational tip

Topic: podcasting for small business owners
Who is this for: business owners in niche markets.
Purpose: persuade the reader to start their own podcast because you can connect with your audience on a personal level
Written in the 2nd person.
- Start with a benefit
- Relate to the pain point
- Tell the reader how our solution alleviates their pain point
- Inspire them to take action
Close with a snappy, motivational comment
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