How should I format my input copy to get the best?

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Built on top of the world’s most advanced AI language model, Yaara AI is helping people unleash their creativity with the power of artificial intelligence.

When working with Yaara AI, the most important thing to know about writing great inputs is this:

Write like you are talking to a human being.

Taking it a step further, you should consider the AI more as a helpful buddy.

The more you can speak in a simple way, the better the AI will understand you.

Interestingly, the language that AI understands best is not robotic at all.

Another helpful tip is to write specifically.

Don't be afraid to type in details about your project or provide more context.

Yaara AI loves human-sounding language and specifics.

Ultimately, if you're afraid your inputs aren't great, try the Friend Test:

💡 How would I explain what I need to a friend?

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