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sales landing page

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Product: [product/brand/service name and one-liner]
Target audience: [target audience]
- [list of features that solve problems or provide value]
- [feature 2]
- [feature 3]
- [list of benefits]
- [benefit 2]
- [benefit 3]


sales landing page

Product: I will be your pro social media content creator
Target audience: Small business owners that are looking for a dedicated social media manager. They want to hire a person that can take control of their social media accounts. They want to hire someone to create posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and more. They want to increase the number of followers on their social media platforms and convert more followers into paying customers.
- Branded content
- Stories
- LinkedIn and twitter posts
- Carousels
- Inspirational and Educational posts
- Memes and more!
- grow your business and revenue
- build a strong social media following
- attract more customers and get greater visibility

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