Business plan for a startup

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business plan for a startup

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😎 Put It All Together (Commands + Variables + Structures)

Company name: [name of startup]
Mission statement: [e.g. \"to help people find community while traveling\"]
Problem being solved: [e.g. \"people feel lonely when traveling\"]
Solution: [e.g. \"an online community where people can connect with others in their area\"]
How it makes money: [e.g. \"premium memberships, event sponsorships, etc.\"]
Team members' names and qualifications: [e.g. \"John Smith, founder and CEO; Jane Doe, CTO; etc.\"]

Introduce the reader to the company and its mission
Explain the problem that the company is solving
Describe how the company will solve that problem
Explain how the company will make money
Describe who is on the team and why they are qualified to solve this problem
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