Business plan for a cafe

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business plan for a cafe

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😎 Put It All Together (Commands + Variables + Structures)

Business name: [name of cafe]
Business goals: [e.g. provide a community space, serve great coffee, etc.]
Target audience: [e.g. students, professionals, etc.]
How it will serve them: [e.g. comfortable seating, free wifi, etc.]
How it will be run: [e.g. by owner or manager]
What it will offer: [e.g. coffee drinks, baked goods, etc.]
Revenue streams: [e.g. sales of coffee drinks and baked goods]
Costs: [e.g. rent for space, salaries for employees] 
Profits: [e.g., revenue minus costs]

Introduce the reader to the business and its goals
Describe the business's target audience and how it will serve them
Explain how the business will be run and what it will offer
Describe the financials of the business, including revenue streams, costs, and profits
Provide a timeline for when different aspects of the business will be completed
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