Ecommerce category descriptions

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ecommerce category descriptions

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Category name: [e.g. kitchen appliances, outdoor gear, etc.]
Importance of category: [e.g. helps people cook at home, helps people enjoy nature, etc.]
Types of products in category: [e.g. blenders, mixers, toasters, etc.]
How these products can help reader achieve their goals: [e.g. make healthy meals at home, save money on eating out, etc.]
Different types of users who have found value in these products: [e.g. busy parents who want to cook for their kids but don't have time to shop or prep food] 
Quick and useful way to jump into using these products: [e.g. browse our top sellers]

Introduce the category and explain why it's important
Describe the types of products in the category
Explain how the products in this category can help the reader achieve their goals
Give examples of how different types of users have found value in these products
Provide a quick and useful way to jump into using these products
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