Describe yourself for a grant application

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describe yourself for a grant application

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😎 Put It All Together (Commands + Variables + Structures)

Grant seeker's name: [name of organization seeking a grant]
Grant seeker's background: [e.g. mission, history, etc.]
Goals: [e.g. provide assistance to underserved communities, study environmental outcomes, etc.]
Plan to achieve goals: [e.g. work with local organizations, conduct research, etc.]
Why grant is needed: [e.g. not enough funding from other sources, need more resources than can be provided by other sources, etc.]
How grant money will be used if awarded: [e.g. pay staff salaries, purchase equipment for research studies, etc.]

Introduce yourself and your background
Describe your goals and how you plan to achieve them
Explain why you need the grant to achieve those goals
Describe how you will use the grant money if awarded
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