Hiring blurb for an event planner

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hiring blurb for an event planner

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😎 Put It All Together (Commands + Variables + Structures)

Company name: [name of company]
Company mission: [e.g. to help people find community, to help people find jobs, etc.]
Role description: [e.g. plan events, coordinate with vendors, etc.]
How event planner will help company achieve mission: [e.g. by planning events that bring people together, by planning events that showcase our product, etc.]
Ideal candidate description: [e.g. organized, detail oriented, creative thinker, etc.]
Application information: [e.g. email address or link to application form]

Introduce the company and its mission
Describe the role of the event planner
Explain how the event planner will help the company achieve its mission
Describe what kind of person would be a good fit for this role
Provide information on how to apply for this role
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