Welcome email to a new employee

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welcome email to a new employee

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New employee's name: [name of new employee]
Company name: [name of company]
New employee's role: [e.g. software engineer, customer support specialist, etc.]
New employee's responsibilities: [e.g. building features, fixing bugs, etc.]
First week expectations: [e.g. onboarding meetings, training sessions, etc.]
Resources for learning more about company and role: [e.g. blog posts, how-to guides, etc.]
Touch point with reader: [e.g. weekly newsletter, monthly check-in, etc.]

Welcome the reader to the company
Introduce the reader to their new role and responsibilities
Give them a sense of what they can expect in their first week
Provide them with resources for learning more about the company and their role
Establish a touch point with the reader in the near future
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