Social media outreach strategy for a non-profit

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social media outreach strategy for a non-profit

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😎 Put It All Together (Commands + Variables + Structures)

Non-profit name: [name of non-profit]
Non-profit mission: [e.g. provide food to underserved communities, protect endangered species, etc.]
Goals of social media outreach strategy: [e.g. raise awareness, raise funds, recruit volunteers, etc.]
Target audience: [e.g. people who care about environmental issues, people who care about animal welfare, etc.]
How to reach target audience through social media: [e.g. post on Facebook and Instagram, use hashtags on Twitter and Instagram, etc.]

Introduce the nonprofit and its mission
Explain the goals of the social media outreach strategy
Describe the target audience for the social media outreach strategy
Explain how to reach that audience through social media
Provide examples of successful social media campaigns from other nonprofits
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