Article on the importance of recycling

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article on the importance of recycling

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Topic: [e.g. recycling, climate change, etc.]
Importance of topic: [e.g. environmental impact, social impact, etc.]
Problem that needs to be solved: [e.g. not enough people are recycling, not enough people are aware of climate change, etc.]
How reader can solve problem: [e.g. recycle more often, learn more about climate change, etc.]
Examples of how others have solved problem: [e.g. cities with high recycling rates, companies that have reduced their carbon footprint] 
Resources for further learning about topic: [e.g. books on climate change, websites on recycling]

Introduce the topic and explain why it's important
Explain the problem that needs to be solved
Explain how the reader can solve the problem
Provide examples of how others have solved the problem
Provide resources for further learning about the topic
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