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Now that you've created a new document, let's learn the different functions inside a document.

Write More

When you click the Write More button (or CMD + J on Mac, CTRL + J on PC), Yaara AI reads the text you have written before your cursor and does his best to continue writing. Think of it like telling a human writing assistant "Keep writing where I left off".

Yaara will look for patterns, instructions, and clues based on your previous text to decide what to write next.

Ready to try it? Finish the sentence below the 3 asterisks, then click the Write More button (or CMD + J on Mac, CTRL + J on PC)

For example, you could make it say “Generate a list of blog post ideas about how AI will change writing.” After that, feel free to just play around! When you’re writing anything and feel stuck, all you have to do is press CMD + J on Mac, CTRL + J on PC and Yaara will give you an idea of what to say next.


Generate a list of blog post ideas about



The title of the document. Yaara will look at this title for context when writing, so name it appropriately.

If you don't want Yaara to reference this title when writing, simply click the toggle to hide it from Yaara's view. You can toggle it on and off as you write to add or remove extra context.

Let's say we're writing a blog post about how to care for your lawn.

In the title section, I would write the actual title of the blog post - 6 Tips For a Greener Lawn

Content description/brief

The Content description / brief field is where you will write simple instructions about what you want Yaara to write. Think of it as if you were writing simple instructions to another human writer.

Continuing the lawn care blog post example, I might write the following for the Content brief:

`Write a blog post titled "6 Tips For a Greener Lawn". It should include tips for homeowners in the United States.`

Tone of Voice

Now you can move on to the tone of voice. Here you can be as creative as you want for a blog post about lawn care. You could use Scientific or Professional, but a more fun tone of voice might be Bob Villa. That should do nicely! You can always play around with this till you get the exact tone and feeling out of Yaara that you want.


Adding keywords makes it more likely that Yaara will include your keywords the next time he generates any content. It does not guarantee they will be included. Usually, Yaara will look for ways to include the keywords when it is relevant to the sentences being written.

Use lawncare keyword

Changing Title, Content brief, and Keywords as you go

It is important to know that the text inside Title, Content brief and Keywords influence the output every single time Yaara writes text inside a Document. You'll notice that as you write longer content, Yaara will keep referencing what's in those sections and start to repeat himself. Not ideal.

There are 2 solutions to this:

  1. Quick - Toggle off each of the sidebar inputs as you write to prevent Yaara from seeing and using them anymore. Click the toggle button next to each one.
  2. Recommended - Continually update the sidebar inputs as you work through a document.

Let's go back to the 8 Tips For a Greener Lawn blog post example.

After my introduction paragraph, the first tip I'll write about is Water your lawn regularly. I'll make this the heading, and I want Yaara to write a paragraph underneath it.

I could now go delete the content in the Title, Content brief, and Keywords and update them to guide the next paragraph. I might do this:


`Water your lawn regularly`

Content description/brief

`Write a paragraph about the importance of watering St. Augustine and Zoysia grass. Talk about how many inches of water each one should get and how frequently to water.`



Now, when I hit Write More, Yaara will pull in that information and use it to guide what he writes next. You don't have to update the sidebar inputs as you go, but try doing that if you're not getting the results that you want.

Output length

In the sidebar, you'll see options for changing the number of words Yaara writes when you hit Write More.

Shorter: ~20 - 25 words

Medium: ~50 - 55 words

Longer: ~110 - 115 words

Try generating content using the different Output lengths to see the difference. Most customers use either M or L. You'll sometimes find that by using L, Yaara loses focus at the end of a generation and starts to write lower-quality or off-topic content.

Creativity level

In the sidebar, you can also choose how creative or conservative you want Yaara to be with his word choices.

More Factual: Creativity with determinism

Creative: Top-of-the-line creativity

More Creative: Go out of the box

Saving a Document and Document History

And finally, your document is automatically saved as you write. To organize it better name the document and you will see it in the documents section.

That document will also automatically save what you write.

You can name your Document Title at the start of the document.

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